Paul Korpiela after winning the all Westy Meeting DD in 2011 – just before he rammed himself head-on into the wall…


Banger World Series Round 8 (final round)

Image1d Image2d

Image1 Image1b


Millsy gets it and gives it in Heat 1 – short clip

Heat 1 – Full Race

Heat 2 – Full Race

Wildcard 1 – Full Race

Wildcard 2 – Full Race

Showdown into DD – Full Race

Image1x Image2 Image22 Image31 Image41 Image51 Image61 Image71 Image111 Image222 Image333 Image444 Image1111 Image2111

Big Van Bangers 2013

Bank Holiday Monday at Arlington Stadium proved every bit the spectacle expected, and more! 34 Big Van National Bangers arrived to do battle.


The usual variety of vans were on show and the crowd lapped it up as the vans bit by bit fell apart! A big well done to all the drivers for the entertainment provided, and also to the van drivers particularly for finding more of these beasts to smash to bits!!

Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 Image6 Image7 Image8 Image9 Image10 Image11 Image12 Image111 Image211 Image311 Image411 Image511 Image611 Image711




Gala Night

1400cc National Banger Teams 2012

Heat 1:  1 Lap to go and a db clipped cecil and screwed him out of the win. 558 of the seasiders wins

Heat ƻ:  Boxer put himself in. 204 seasider b wins

All in Heat:Team sowter and chav wrecking train. 194 cecil wins

Steve Renolds rolls. Complete restart. Pile up on home straight. 2 spooky wins 

DD:  Lee Hughes wins with Hotsocks 2nd

173 Steve Reynolds rolls right at the start of the 1400cc Banger Teams Final at Arlington…




Big Van Bangers 2012



Gala Night 2011

Attached Image: Image2.jpgAttached Image: Image20.jpg

Big hits in Gala Final

The Cars

Attached Image: Image12.jpgAttached Image: Image24.jpg

Heat 1

Heat 2

Heat 3

Attached Image: image222.jpg

The Final

The DD

A60 Amble & Pre 75 2011 

17/8/2011      Winner: 7 Colin Farley

The Cars…

Attached Image: A60 Amble Photos 059 (Medium).JPGAttached Image: A60 Amble Photos 030 (Medium).JPG
The Cars

Attached Image: Image2.jpgAttached Image: Image4.jpg
Attached Image: Image6.jpgAttached Image: Image22.jpg
Heat 1
Heat 2
Heat 3
The Final

The DD

All Westy Meeting 2011

23/7/2011     98 cars (no final)

History in the making – My vids from this meeting…

westy 019bwblur westy 037cr

The Cars
Attached Image: ht1001.jpg
Hearse on Hearse Action
Attached Image: ht4002.jpg
241 Paul Korpiela wins the DD from Boris and deliberately stuffs himself into the armco
Attached Image: westy 061 (Small).JPG
474 stops Maverick Head-On
Roy 126 on oppo
Attached Image: westy 007 (Small).JPG
33! Jacked
Full Race – Heat 1
Full Race – Heat 2

Full Race – Heat 3
Full Race – Heat 4
Full Race – Heat 5

Full Race – Heat 6

Full Race – Heat 7
Full Race – The DD

Photo Gallery 1 (click image below) The Grand Parade…

Posted Image


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